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If you are considering two wheels, Next Step Motorcycling Academy has the best ways to introduce yourself to the motorcycling experience.

Interested in Learning to Ride 2 wheels? Our 2 day/15 hour course is design to take you from never touching a motorcycle to gaining your motorcycle endorsement. To register for a Basic RiderCourse, click the link below for the range nearest you
Elkhart West
 or Lowell or

Already endorsed but want to learn more? Our Refine your Ride series of single day classes will build upon your basic motorcycling foundation and refine your skill with precision riding. See the Refining your Ride page

Trike curious? Want to try before your buy? Next Step Motorcycling Academy offers 3Wheel RiderCourse to help cure that curosity. We have conventional trikes and reverse trikes to ride. Come ride our machines and see if you like it!

Next Step Motorcycling Academy and Can-Am have partnered in 2018 to provide Spyder R3's and Spyder RT's for use in the 3Wheel classes.

To register see CAN-AM Schedule

If getting dirty is more your style, Next Step Motorcycling Academy has a 40-acre playground to learn at. The Adventure School has all the offerings of the street side to satisify your dirty desires. Starting at age 8 to big kids, come ride our Yamaha dirt bikes or bring your own.