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Precision Riding
Precision Riding
A culmination of the Precision Riding courses, Gymkhana is a motorcycle time trial sport in which riders compete to maneuvre in the shortest time through a paved course restricted by traffic cones or other
obstacles. Motorcycle gymkhana is based on the techniques used train Japanese Motor Officers.

Gymkhana is relatively open to those new to the sport because riders need little equipment and no special license to participate. The layout of the course is designed by the organizer and is different for each event. After walking the course to familiarize themselves with the obstacles, participants ride through individually in a predetermined order. Each rider runs the course three times and the fastest time determines the days placings.

The riders generally use only first and second gear, because of the course's tight turns and the speed range is therefore usually low or moderate. Because of the tight course layout of gymkhana, riders must know the techniques of acceleration, braking, handling, and weight transfer to be successful. There is a slight chance of falling due to the instability of motorcycles at low speeds, but injuries and damage to motorcycles are rare.

You MUST ride your own motorcycle in this course. Motorcycle endorsement, Proof of insurance and Registration must be shown at time of course and your motorcycle must pass a T-CLOCS inspection.

Take a few minutes to enjoy the videos below. Both are extreme examples of Gymkhana riding, but show the skill and speed required to be the best rider on that day.
2010 Top Gun of Japanese Motorcycle Police
North Texas Motorcycle Competition 2016
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