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What are some of the problems that I may face?
Nerves - Once you calm your nerves, the FUN begins. Usually, you are your worst enemy.
What is the value of taking these courses?
Discover if you want to ride/and if you can ride.
Gain confidence before riding in traffic.
Learn to ride before you buy.
Earn an insurance discount on cycle insurance.

Rider Skills Test Questions
The RST-2W or RST-3W will not be performed in hazardous weather, however examiners have experience conducting training in less-than perfect weather.%C2%A0 We test in the rain!

The RST-2W or RST-3W consists of several elements which measure an applicant's basic control of the
motorcycle and response to hazardous situations. The The RST-2W or RST-3W consists of the following

Cone weave, Normal Stop
Turn from a Stop, Left Hand U-turn
Quick stop
Obstacle swerve

"Points" will be assessed if the applicant does not properly execute any of the maneuvers listed above. If you are unsuccessful in passing the motorcycle skills test, you must wait until the next day before taking the test again. If you accumulate three (3)unsuccessful motorcycle skills tests while holding a motorcycle learner's permit, you must wait two (2) months from the date of the last unsuccessful skills test before taking the
motorcycle skills test again.