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What types of motorcycles are used?
Basic RiderCourse (BRC): NSMA provides (brand new) Suzuki and Yamaha motorcycles and scooters for participants to use.
3 Wheeled Basic RiderCourse (3WBRC): Students may choose to ride our Suzuki TU250 trikes or CAN-AM Spyder if they do not own a 3 wheel motorcycle. Course participants may choose to bring their own street legal 3 wheeled motorcycle if they desire. Proof of permit/license and insurance are required if you decide to bring your own.
Precision Riding courses: Participants should bring their own street legal motorcycle/scooter though training motorcycles are available to ride as necessary. Student are required to show proof of insurance and a valid motorcycle license at the time of the class.

Who teaches the courses?
Courses are facilitated by Motorcycle Safety Foundation Certified, Ride Safe Indiana Approved RiderCoaches. All RiderCoaches have attended a 60 hour preparation workshop and are required to attend yearly quality assurance updates. All NSMA RiderCoaches are motorcyclists who ride on a daily basis and are the best
RiderCoaches in the state!

Are the courses required to earn a motorcycle license?
NSMA rider education course are not required to obtain a motorcycles license in IN (yet) however, successful completion of the BRC and 3WBRC courses allow participants to earn a state waiver for their motorcycle

Will individuals get an insurance discount after taking the courses?
YES! Many insurance agencies offer an insurance discount on motorcycle insurance for having completing a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) rider education/safety class. Successful completion of all of NSMA courses entitles you to the MSF completion card which will be required for insurance discounts.

What is the cancellation policy?
There are NO REFUNDS. Prior notification will allow us to transfer you into another class if seats are