Dirt Bike School
Site Locations
Who may take the courses?
Basic RiderCourses: Participants must be at least 15years of age on the date the class starts. Students under 18 need written parental consent. Neither a driver's license nor a motorcycle learner's permit is
required to take the BRC. All participants must be able to balance and ride a bicycle.

Precision Riding Courses: This course is for licensed riders only. Participants bring their own street legal
motorcycle/scooter though training motorcycles are available to ride as necessary. Student are required to show proof of insurance and a valid motorcycle license at the time of the class.

A Note About Slingshots: Riders with a Slingshot autocycle cannot be ridden in RiderCourses due to their wide configuration.

What riding gear is needed for the course?
Proper protective gear is required for all on-cycle riding exercises. A DOT approved helmet, eye protection, long sleeved shirts, long pants, full-fingered gloves and over the ankle footwear. NSMA has helmets available to use at each site.

Where are the courses located?
NSMA has various training sites across the North West half of the state. See the Site Locations page for

Must participants have a learner's permit before taking the courses?
Basic RiderCourses: Permits are NOT required for taking the class.
3 Wheel Basic RiderCourses: Permits are NOT required for taking the class IF you choose to ride a NSMA provided 3 wheel motorcycle. Participants riding their own must show a permit and proof of insurance
Precision Riding (APR): Students MUST possess a valid motorcycle license to participate in the classes.

May non-Indiana residents participate?
Non-residents may take any NSMA course. In some instances, completion of a NSMA MSF class can
transfer to your state of residence such as Michigan or Ohio. Currently, Illinois does not have reciprocity with
Indiana regarding motorcycle endorsements.