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Basic RiderCourse
The Basic RiderCourse - a 2 day/15 hour course that is designed for those who have never ridden a motorcycle or scooter and want to learn how.

After you register, you will receive 2 emails one of which is a link for the online classroom portion which is to be completed at home (at your leisure) with a certificate that needs to be printed and brought to class.

At the time of your class, we will have a few administrative items and a written test to verify you actually watched the online course. After that is completed, we go ride!

You will be riding our (brand new) motorcycles in the riding portion of the course

NO permit required!

The riding portion of approximately 10 hours in length. Our RiderCoaches help you through the process of learning to ride in a calm and confident manner, working with each rider as necessary to help them gain the skills required for riding a motorcycle. At the end of the day, we return to the classroom portion for some interactive activities. This classroom portion should last no more than 5 hours total.

At the end of the class and having passed the written and riding evaluations, you will be issued a waiver for your Motorcycle endorsement. You will also receive a MSF completion card which is good for insurance discounts at most insurance companies.

This class will build the foundation for your motorcycling enjoyment in the future!