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In 2012, after a small incident on my own motorcycle, I searched around for a training class to sharpen my skills again. I found the ABATE of Indiana Basic class and that was it%E2%80%A6<
Next Step Motorcycling Academy was born then and has been a culmination of additional training and a LOT of waiting.

That waiting has finally paid off%E2%80%A6<

In 2015, when the Motorcycle Safety Foundation was awarded the
administration contract, NSMA was one of the 15 providers to raise their hand and join Indiana Motorcycle Safety Program (IMCSP) to provide rider training and Rider Skills Testing.

Southlake Mall was NSMA's first training site and although we had a 10 week run in May, June, and July before being shut down by the City of Hobart, it was educational, inspirational, and a lot of FUN.
2016 brought more changes to rider education as Ride Safe Indiana (RSI) was born. NSMA opened a site at the Elkhart Municipal Airport and hosted two RiderCoach Prep Workshops for RSI, became Dirt Bike, 3Wheel, and ARC certified to add to the curriculum offerings.

2017 saw NSMA hosting 5 RiderCoach preps for RSI, become certified in Basic and Ultimate Bike Bonding to add to the curriculum offerings. NSMA also open the
Dirt Bike School in Valparaiso and added a training site in Lowell.
What's in store for 2018???
In July, while searching for a new home for NSMA, I was involved in a small
incident on my own motorcycle.

After that, I was even more driven to
provide rider training and advanced rider training.